Sunday, 17 March 2013

Working Out a Small Section of Music

Working Out a Small Section of Music

Whether you're working on learning a whole cover or not - the ideal way to do it is in small chunks. This makes it easier to learn a song because you identify and break it down into easier smaller parts where you can quickly attain success and return to the work in progress at any time.

Some songs will take longer than others because of their timing or chords. But, the more you break down a song, the faster the process becomes. As you become more and more experienced you could sit, listen and write down the intervals between each chords without knowing the key and without referring to an instrument to check the notes or chords. Then, at the end of your work - simply find out the original key and convert all of your work.

Find out about musical intervals.

Even Smaller Chunks

Take 1 or 2 bars of a song - rewind your listening source just before the bars start, to give yourself time. Now play the music,  exactly where you intend to finish listening - stop the music immediately. This way, no other chords will enter your ear and you can instantly play your instrument to find the chord.


Always learn the chords first before the melody - This will improve your listening skills because you are focusing on listening to instrumentation rather than words in a song. After you have learned the basic chords you'll be able to learn the melody far easier - because again, you are focusing on the melody line.

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